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MYB is donating a percentage of every bundle deal purchased to the Special Olympics to help support those with disabilities. 

At MYB, we're all about empowering you to live your best life and embracing a positive mindset. Our "Inspiration Trio Wristbands" capture our core beliefs and values, serving as daily reminders to help you become the best version of yourself.

  1. "1% Better Every Day" Wristband: Embrace the philosophy of continuous improvement with our "1% Better Every Day" wristband. This simple yet powerful message reminds you that progress is about making small daily strides toward greatness. Wear it to inspire personal growth and positivity.

  2. "Discipline > Motivation" Wristband: Discipline is the cornerstone of success, and our "Discipline > Motivation" wristband emphasizes this truth. It encourages you to rely on your inner discipline rather than fleeting motivation when facing challenges. This wristband empowers you to tackle your goals with determination.

  3. "Grateful" Wristband: Cultivate an attitude of gratitude with our "Grateful" wristband. It serves as a constant reminder to appreciate the everyday joys and gifts that life offers. This wristband encourages you to find beauty in the ordinary and live with a thankful heart.

All three wristbands beautifully represent our brand's values and beliefs, offering you daily inspiration and motivation. Wear them individually to match your mood or stack them together for a powerful daily mantra.

Special Offer: Take advantage of our limited-time product bundle and get all three wristbands for the price of two! Embrace positivity, growth, and gratitude with this exclusive offer that embodies what MYB stands for.