Our mission at Move Your Body Apparel is to inspire millions to live by the 1% Better mindset. 

Getting 1% better means making incremental improvements or progress in a particular area or skill. The concept is often associated with the idea that small, consistent efforts can lead to significant overall improvement over time. Instead of trying to make drastic changes or achieve huge leaps of progress, the focus is on making small, manageable improvements on a regular basis. These small changes add up overtime into something great.

Founded in Lexington, Kentucky in Jan 2022, My wife Kylie and I have been able to build a community of likeminded people who not only help us market the brand, but truly believe in our cause of getting 1% better, every single day!

In 2021, we donated 21 wheelchairs to Joni & Friends to help children with disabilities to help them move their body. We also raised $2,250 for a 6-year-old boy named Everett to help fund his healing journey!

In 2022, we successfully raised and donated over $5,000 to The Special Olympics of Kentucky

In 2023, we raised over $4,000 to organizations that help with mental health awareness and treatment for children. 

In 2024, we have continued to commit our mission to give back to those in need. A percentage of every sale we make will be donated to organizations throughout the year!

We have been able to stack up over 500 5 star reviews over the past 2 years. Our customers rave about the quality and message of our clothing and brand. 

Our amazing community within MYB allows us to continue to make this brand 1% better, every single day. 

Thank you for choosing to support my small business,

Austin Bagshaw
Owner & Founder of MYB Apparel  

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