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Movement is Medicine

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Our mission at Move Your Body Apparel is to create a brand that inspires others to get 1% better, every single day. We also strive to bring awareness to the power of daily movement and that being able to easily move is a privilege that not everyone is gifted with. Through bringing people together who are looking for self improvement in all areas of health, we are able to give back to our community and build the brand around them!

With over 380 Five Star Reviews and counting, our customers and community speak for our quality and consistency!

In 2021, MYB Apparel donated 21 wheelchairs to children with disabilities (Joni & Friends). We also raised $2,250 for a 6-year-old boy named Everett to help fund his healing journey!

In 2022, we raised and donated over $5,000 to the Special Olympics of Kentucky.

In 2023, we will continue to donate 10% of our sales to help children with disabilities live a healthier life.

Support Small Business

MYB Apparel is a small business owned and operated by Austin Bagshaw. Every order is personally shipped out and handled by Austin himself.

Community-Based Brand

Our exclusive community helps market, design, and choose new products!

Hassle-Free Return/Exchange

Visit our Return/Exchange Policy page for information on our hassle-free returns, exchanges, and refunds!

We have a 30 day hassle free return policy on full priced items! (non sale items)

Join Our Community

We are actively seeking athletes to rep our brand!

Join our community of like-minded members who help promote the brand and live by getting 1% better, every single day!

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Movement is Medicine

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