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 The 1% Better Tech Hoodie spandex/cotton hoodie is a comfortable and stylish outerwear option that is designed to fit loosely and provide a relaxed, casual look. These hoodies are often made from a blend of spandex and cotton, which creates a stretchy and flexible fabric that is comfortable to wear and moves with the body.

One key feature of this hoodie is its relaxed fit. These hoodies are designed to fit loosely, yet the stretchy blend keeps the material close to you so it doesn't look baggy. They may also have pockets and drawstring hoods for added convenience. 

Let this hoodie be a reminder to all that you are in fact getting 1% Better, every single day!

Male Model - Size L for a true-to-size fit
Height - 5'8"
Chest - 40"

Female Model -   Size M for an oversized look
Height - 5'4"
Chest - 35"

- 90% Cotton / 10% Spandex

How does this product fit? 

The sizing for the tech hoodie is Men's Oversized. The blend of materials provides an above-average stretch.