$5,000 Donation to the Special Olympics

$5,000 Donation to the Special Olympics

Our $5,000 Donation to the Special Olympics of Kentucky

In 2022, MYB Apparel raised and donated $5,000 to the Kentucky chapter of the Special Olympics. Below is further information about the Special Olympics, its purpose and mission, and a direct link to its website.

The Special Olympics is a global organization that provides athletic opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities. The organization was founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who saw a need for individuals with intellectual disabilities to have the chance to participate in athletic events and showcase their abilities. Today, the Special Olympics serves millions of people in over 190 countries around the world.

Purpose of the Organization

The purpose of the Special Olympics is to celebrate the abilities of people with intellectual disabilities and to break down the barriers that often prevent them from participating in sports and other physical activities. The organization provides a safe and inclusive environment where athletes can compete and have fun, while also building their self-esteem and confidence.

One of the core values of the Special Olympics is inclusion. The organization aims to promote a society where everyone, regardless of their abilities, is accepted and valued. This includes athletes with intellectual disabilities, who often face discrimination and stigma. The Special Olympics provides a platform where they can be recognized for their skills and achievements, and where they can be celebrated as the athletes they are.

In addition to promoting inclusion and acceptance, the Special Olympics also has a focus on health and wellness. By participating in sports and physical activity, athletes with intellectual disabilities can improve their physical health and well-being. The organization also provides opportunities for athletes to engage in healthy activities, such as fitness programs and healthy living workshops.

The Community

The Special Olympics also has a strong commitment to community building. The organization provides opportunities for athletes, their families, and communities to come together and support each other. This creates a sense of belonging and helps to break down barriers between people with and without disabilities.

In the, the Special Olympics is a valuable organization that serves a crucial purpose in our society. By celebrating the abilities of people with intellectual disabilities, promoting inclusion and acceptance, focusing on health and wellness, and building communities, the Special Olympics is helping to create a more inclusive and equitable world.

MYB chose to donate to this cause because we believe in the power of movement for ALL. Movement is medicine, it's a privilege, and something everyone should have access to. For more information or to make a direct donation to this amazing cause, visit their website! And since you're here, check out MYB Apparel's new collection!

Stay Moving,

Austin Bagshaw

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